Boilie Bag


Now Boilies aren't cheap so they should be treated with a certain amount of respect. When it came to using them when he was fishing he either had them on the floor which meant a lot of bending up and down or balanced on another box or stool. Both methods seemed a little precarious to me and I was proved right when the box got knocked onto the floor and he spent 10 minutes picking them.

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£ 25.00 tax incl.

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Material Standard or premium depending on colour
Washable Yes

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The Neoprene will keep your boilies the way you want them. Some prefer dry and other moist and the airtight seams will keep your boilies fresh and the smells contained so not encouraging any rats to the river bank. It can be worn on your belt for easy access whilst you're fishing to reduce the bending and save any spills.

The bag is fully washable in a warm wash but must not be tumble dried.

Our bags are available in either standard or premium neoprene.

Standard neoprene is covered in a fine polyester and is similar to 4mm double lined wetsuits. Premium neoprene is wipe clean and has an additional outside layer which will not get damp.