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  • £ 40.00

    The bike bag that can go with you! Easily attached to and removed from the handlebars of a bike so you can cycle without being hindered, making the journey far safer. Being waterproof it will also keep the contents safe should the weather change whist you are out.

    £ 40.00
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  • £ 15.00

    Handy waterproof, non-slip mats for changeovers. Convenient for storing kit and warm and soft to stand on. If weather turns bad you can fold them over yours shoes to avoid them getting wet. Our neoprene mats are great for so many different jobs.

    £ 15.00
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  • £ 20.00

    Percy is the all new neoprene pouch that can be worn on your belt, clipped to your belt loops/waistband or used in conjunction with our shoulder/waist strap and is the perfect size for all types of mobile phone, including the craze in phablets (a cross between a phone and a tablet) such as the iPhone 7+ or the Samsung galaxy S8 plus.

    £ 20.00
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items