Pickup Bags


We offer flat pack of 100 bio-degradable bags for picking up poop to deposit in your Dicky Bag.

These bags are great for the environment - bio-degradable, UK manufactured to reduce carbon-footprint and pay UK taxes.

We now offer Corn-Starch Compostable Poo Bags made by Adios Plastic, to offer you a eco-friendly walk.

It comes in Rolls of 15 and has price reduction if you buy a pack of four.

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£ 7.00 tax incl.

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Pack Size 100
Colour Green

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Some things our customers have said about out pickup bags...


Much better and easier to tie than other, black & boring, bags. Plus they appeal to my sense of humour!


Best poo bags ever - easy to use and plenty of room for your hand. I never leave home without them - they seem to end up in all my pockets. Have
even washed them by mistake (empty ones that is) and they're still usable!