Thermal Bottle Hugger (Single)


Such items already exist in the market place but unlike our Butler Bag, none of them can be machine washed. This means you could be literally crying over spilt milk when your bottle hugger not only has unsightly stains and smells of stale milk but also harbours harmful bacteria.

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The Butler bag also has waterproof seals so should the lid on your bottle not be secured properly you can rest assured that no liquid will find its way outside the bag. The lids can also be personalised with the name of your child so no more lost bottles, especially as there is no need to remove the bottle for the hugger to drink.

Making sure you have enough milk or drink with you on outings is a must but keeping that drink at the preferred temperature is tricky. Our bottle hugger fits all major brands of bottles and the neoprene has thermal properties which mean the contents remain at the desired temperature for longer (hot or cold).

Our bags are available in either standard or premium neoprene.

Standard neoprene is covered in a fine polyester and is similar to 4mm double lined wetsuits. Premium neoprene is wipe clean and has an additional outside layer which will not get damp.