School Drink Container / Sun Cream Pouch


Ideal as a drink container or to safely store your sun cream.

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£ 15.00 tax incl.

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As a Sun Cream Pouch

It's is important to keep suncream with you and cool so that the ingredients don't break down. All of our bags can be used to store suncream, whether it is for one person or the whole family on a 2 week holiday. Any spills will be contained inside the bag and easily washed off either by hand or in a machine.

As a School Drink Container

Not only will you be assured of a cool drink on a hot day, but you won't have to empty out juice from the bottom of your school bag when your drink leaks. No ruined homework, destroyed favourite books, sticky clothes or even worse broken phones! It can fit numerous types of bottles and cans and a standard 500ml sports bottle. It can be clipped to you or a bag or stored inside. You don't have to remove the drink from the hugger to drink. Ice cold drinks will stay ice cold for longer and your hands won't freeze trying to hold them. It can be machine washed at cool temperatures.

Our bags are available in either standard or premium neoprene.

Standard neoprene is covered in a fine polyester and is similar to 4mm double lined wetsuits. Premium neoprene is wipe clean and has an additional outside layer which will not get damp.