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Our medium bag is great for both reusable and disposable nappies and has a multitude of uses such as a medium sized nappy bag, essential changing bag, grab & go changing bag, odour prevention bag and a thermal bottle hugger or food store.

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£ 25.00 tax incl.

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Material Standard or premium depending on colour
Washable Yes

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As an Essential Changing Kit Bag

When you become more proficient at the whole nappy changing routine you will discover that all you need to take into the changing room is the changing mat, clean nappy, cream and some wipes. We have the ideal bag for the job. It comes with a shoulder strap or you can keep it inside your normal bag or clip it to the outside. The odour prevention seals also mean that the dirty nappy can be stored without contaminating the rest of your bag, your car or buggy.

As a Grab and Go Changing Bag

Perfect for those quick trips out when you don't want to take your large changing bag. Or when your child gets a little bit older and you don't feel the need to take 2 of everything with you on every trip. It is designed specifically to big enough to store all you need for a couple of changes.

As a Wet / Dry Odour Prevention Bag

Can be put inside or attached to the outside of your existing changing bag. Odour prevention seams guarantee that the dirty nappies are locked safely inside and nothing in your changing bag will be contaminated.

As a Thermal Bottle Hugger or Food Store

If you want to store 2 bottles or drink cups or a drink and food we have the perfect bag. Being made from neoprene it has thermal properties which means the contents remain at the desired temperature for longer (hot or cold). The bag comes with a shoulder strap or you can keep it inside another bag or clip it to the outside. It's machine washable at cool temperatures so you can be sure no sticky messes, stains or bacteria will be lingering around. It's is also ideal for keeping fruit free from bruising.