About us

A little bit about us

Dont you find some things in life a bore? Don't you find it’s not quite right, that there must be an alternative? Perhaps you're in denial and don't realise that your life could be better with a few little tweaks? Surely there must be a better way of doing things?

Well think a little harder and explain yourself. Think around the problem, how can your current problem be solved? If you just take a minute to think laterally you can often come up with an alternative view, an alternative view leads to change and change often makes things better or easier.

We're not inventors, we've not been trained in design, all we do is live. For some reason we've stopped excepting that what is currently on offer is the best we can get; our brains have started to think around problems - perhaps it's in our nature to explore other options - perhaps we aren't typical and rather than follow trends we want to start our own. Why do things the same way as everyone else when if we do it our way which is slightly different it makes life easier and better. It's as simple as that - It's as simple as Duck Soup.

What we make

These really are bags for life.

The beauty of Duck Soup products is they are made in the UK from the finest neoprenes and are strong enough to cope with any job you want them to do, and because they can all be washed safely in a washing machine you change their use easily. Our bags are made in handy sizes purposefully so that they can be used in a variety of ways.

Products for life?

Once your child has stopped using nappies the changing bag becomes redundant. Not so with the Duck Soup Nappy Bag. After a good wash in the machine our bags go on to have happy lives as wash bags, lunch bags, kit bags, swimming bags, sports bags or anything else you can think of.

Their waterproof and odour prevention qualities stand them in good stead for their new found careers. Even the changing mat can be put to good use so you have somewhere warm and dry to stand in the changing room and reduce the risk of picking up nasty foot infections, or used as a waterproof sitting mat on your trips and picnics. So, be sure to choose your bag carefully, it will be well used for a long time.

Once again the Butler isn't just for baby bottles. It's clever and robust design means that any standard 500ml sports drink bottle will fit inside so it can be used at pre-school, school and beyond as a sports bottle even beer cans.

Ideal for use in changing rooms so that you don't have to stand on cold wet floors amongst hair, tissues and general gunk and germs or on camping holidays when there is.