Shower / Ground / Seat / Morning Mat


Our mat has so many uses when camping, caravaning or at a festival. It can be used as a shower mat, to stop your bum from getting wet as a ground mat or seat cover and to save your feet from getting wet when leaving your tent.

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£ 15.00 tax incl.

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Height 60cm
Width 35cm
Depth 0.3cm
Weight 145g
Washable Yes

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Mat is washable by hand or in cool machine wash.

As a shower mat

No matter how clean campsite showers may start off, eventually, with enough campers, cut grass and British weather, they become a little less lovely! The thought of standing on cold wet floors amongst grass cuttings, mud, old talcum powder, wet tissues and other people's hair after having a cleansing shower feels me with dread - yuk!

As a ground mat or seat cover

Sports day, proms in the park, a weekend walk are just some of the times I've found myself sitting on the wet ground, damp bench or a cold wall and it never feels nice! But I've left that all behind me now (no pun intended)!

As a morning mat

Small tents can be very cozy overnight, but one of the most unpleasant things is forgetting how damp the grass can be when you venture out in the morning. Many a time I have climbed out my comfy little pod, knelt on the grass to be immediately reminded by the now soaking wet knees of my trousers that I shouldn't have done that!