Butler Bag


Butler is quite a single minded individual - He likes to stay focused preferring to do one job to the best of his ability rather than dabbling in a variety.

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Slim, sleek and debonair; he is in it for the long haul, from cradle to grave.

He can keep everything cool when the atmosphere gets heated so you will feel refreshed by his offerings when you most need them. However, don't be fooled by this, he can also make you feel warm inside.

Our bags are available in either standard or premium neoprene.

Standard neoprene is covered in a fine polyester and is similar to 4mm double lined wetsuits. Premium neoprene is wipe clean and has an additional outside layer which will not get damp.

Premium neoprene is available in the following colours:

Example of Black Splat colour Black Splat
Example of Blue Flower colour Blue Flower
Example of Blue Windmill colour Blue Windmill
Example of Purple Flower colour Purple Flower
Example of Red Circle colour Red Circle