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Perfect for companies, businesses, teams, walking groups, clubs and so much more - get the new fantastic dog walking accessory made in your colours and with your logo on.

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    Choose how to make your Dicky Bags special by putting your logos on the lid and/or body, or even go the whole hog and get your own fabric printed. It's only a small fee to make your Dicky Bag truly unique, and bulk orders recieve a lower rate.

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  • £ 20.00

    Percy is the all new neoprene pouch that can be worn on your belt, clipped to your belt loops/waistband or used in conjunction with our shoulder/waist strap and is the perfect size for all types of mobile phone, including the craze in phablets (a cross between a phone and a tablet) such as the iPhone 7+ or the Samsung galaxy S8 plus.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items